When Cosmetic Dentistry is More Than Making Your Smile Look Better

As the country gets on track to return to “normal,” it means that our smiles will come out from beyond those masks and be put on full display again. If you want to greet the world again with a mouth full of straight, white teeth, cosmetic dentistry is just the ticket. As an added bonus, tending to your smile can also improve your dental health.

The team here at Peninsula Dental Excellence, headed up by Drs. Jeff Yoshihara and Colin Au, understands all too well how cosmetic dentistry can transform your appearance. What many people don’t realize is that there are dental health benefits, too, which we outline here.

A crowning achievement

If you have a tooth that’s badly damaged by decay, dental work, or trauma, or it’s become discolored, a dental crown can not only ensure that you can smile with confidence, it can help preserve your tooth.

The teeth that you see above your gum line are only the crowns. Below your gum line are the all-important roots, which keep your teeth stable and encourage bone regeneration in your jaws, which keeps all of your teeth in their proper positions (more on this in a moment).

What this means for your dental health is that we try and do everything in our power to preserve your tooth and a dental crown can play a valuable role in these efforts. To make the idea even more appealing, we offer same-day dental crowns for your convenience.

Dental implants excel in preserving your oral health

While a gapped-tooth grin may be adorable in a child, the same can’t be said of adults. Unfortunately, 178 million adults in the United States are missing at least one tooth, which does more than affect your smile. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution with dental implants.

As we mentioned above, when you lose a tooth, you also lose the roots, which are imperative for keeping your jawbone strong. As your jawbone registers activity through your roots, it continues to rebuild and remodel the bone in the area. When you lose a tooth, however, your jawbone registers the inactivity and ceases to rebuild bone, which leads to bone deterioration that can affect your surrounding teeth.

With a dental implant, we can not only restore your smile, but also replicate your tooth down to the roots, thanks to the implant post we place in your jaw, which helps prevent bone loss.

Creating a bond

If you have a tooth that’s chipped, cracked, uneven, or misshapen, we can turn to dental bonding to improve its appearance. This simple, easy procedure can also help protect your tooth from chipping further and stop uneven wear, which, over time, can compromise the entire tooth.

Filling it in

When you develop dental caries (cavities), our goal is to stop the decay from further compromising your dental health. Rather than filling in the holes with easy-to-spot metal, we can use composite fillings, which mimic the natural coloring of your teeth. In other words, composite fillings fulfill two roles at once: stopping tooth decay and preserving the natural coloring of your teeth.

If you want to improve your smile and your dental health through cosmetic dentistry, click here to set up an appointment at our office in Mountain View, California.

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