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Missing teeth put you at risk of bite problems, shifting teeth, and even bone loss. To restore your bite and prevent future complications, experienced dentists Jeff Yoshihara, DDS, and Colin Au, DDS, at Peninsula Dental Excellence in Mountain View, California, fill the gap left by your missing tooth with a dental bridge. Find out if you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Dental Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns attached to healthy supporting teeth (abutment teeth) with a false tooth (pontic) in the middle to replace your lost tooth. They’re called dental bridges because they act similar to architectural bridges.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Dental bridges offer many advantages over alternative tooth replacement options like partial dentures and dental implants. Some of the benefits include:

Improved speech

Missing teeth can lead to spitting, slurred speech, and even a slight lisp. A dental bridge restores your teeth so you can speak confidently again.

Restored bite

Even a single missing tooth can change your bite, putting you at risk of cracked teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and other complications.

No oral surgery

While dental implants secure your false tooth in place, they require oral surgery and a lengthy recovery period. Meanwhile, dental implants take just two visits to restore your smile.


A dental bridge won’t shift in your mouth like a partial denture because it’s permanently attached to your abutment teeth.

Maintained facial shape

Over time, missing teeth can cause the skin around your jaw to sag, making you look older than you are. By replacing your missing teeth, dental bridges help maintain the natural shape of your face.

How are dental bridges placed?

During your first visit to Peninsula Dental Excellence, your provider prepares your abutment teeth by removing a portion of the enamel. This helps make room for the dental crowns so they look natural and fit with your bite.

Next, your provider takes impressions of your teeth to create your dental crowns and the false tooth. It takes at least two weeks to create your new restorations, so your dentist may fit you for a temporary bridge to protect your exposed gums and teeth from damage.

When you return for your next visit, your provider removes your temporary bridge and replaces it with your permanent restoration. Finally, they adjust the bridge and cement it into place. Once your bridge sets, you can chew and speak comfortably again.

How do I care for my dental bridge?

Bridges require no special care. To ensure they remain free of debris, simply brush and floss as you normally would. With proper care, a dental bridge can last anywhere from 10-15 years.

To find out if a dental bridge is right for you, call Peninsula Dental Excellence or book an appointment online today.


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