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Reverse Stains, Discoloration, & Yellowing

Teeth Whitening in Mountain View

Over time, it’s common for stains to build up on your teeth due to the consumption of dark beverages like coffee and tea, or dark foods like berries and tomatoes. Even the natural aging process can unfortunately cause discoloration and yellowing. If you are in Mountain View and are hiding behind stained and discolored teeth, Peninsula Dental Excellence is here to help. Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation today!

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Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

The Benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is extremely affordable and it offers great results for your whole smile. If you’re on a budget but are interested in a cosmetic treatment, whitening is a great option. Whitening treatments are also fast, completely pain-free, and non-invasive. Perhaps the best benefit of whitening, though, is the confidence you will regain. You can remove stains and discoloration, and restore the natural, white color of your enamel. This enhances your overall appearance and rejuvenates your smile.

Take-Home vs. In-Office Whitening

What teeth whitening option is Right for Me?

We offer both in-office and take-home whitening at Peninsula Dental Excellence. In-office whitening is performed by one of our skilled dentists and it’s a great choice if you want to whiten your teeth quickly. We use powerful whitening compounds and a UV light, which excites the molecules and provides rapid results. In-office whitening is ideal if you want to get results for a fast-approaching special occasion.

We also offer take-home whitening kits, which use custom-built whitening trays and powerful whitening agents. You’ll take these products home to brighten you smile over a period of 2-3 weeks. Take-home whitening offers more gradual results, so you can subtly whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Understanding the Basics of teeth whitening

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the most commonly-used compounds for teeth whitening. These peroxides contain special, volatile oxygen molecules. When they contact stains on the surfaces of your teeth, these molecules cause a reaction that breaks the bond holding the stain onto your enamel. Essentially, the stains are “bleached” away and the beautiful, white color of your enamel is restored.

Rejuvenate Your Pearly Whites

At Peninsula Dental Excellence

Not sure which whitening treatment is right for you? Come in for a complimentary cosmetic consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your options. Based on your smile, your budget, and your preferences, we can help you choose the right treatment for you. If you are in Mountain View and are interested in whitening your teeth, feel free to stop by our office at 1704 Miramonte Avenue, Suite 4, Mountain View, California 94040 or give us a call at (650) 968-9186.

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